The packaging belt ,is also called bundling belt.The packaging belt (bundling belt) for packaging is made of polyethylene, polypropylene resin and cold-rolled steel strip. It is also made of nylon and polyester. It is obtained by extrusion uniaxial stretching and heat treatment. . In addition to sealing bundling of corrugated boxes, hot-rolled steel coil bundling, cold-rolled steel coil bundling, glass, pipe, material, fruit, etc. can also be bundled.

Packing tape (PP, PET) is divided into PP packing tape (also known as polypropylene packing tape) and PET packing tape (also known as plastic packing tape), which are made of polypropylene and PET polyester respectively, which are suitable for different weights and objects. The packaging needs to be.

(1) PP packing belt:
1. Noun explanation: PP scientific name polypropylene, a lighter environmentally friendly packing belt produced from polypropylene as raw material, used for automatic baler, semi-automatic baler, manual baler, etc., suitable for bundling several kilograms to hundreds Lightweight objects are packed in cartons or trays that weigh in kilograms.
2. Raw materials: The main raw material of PP packing tape is polypropylene drawing-grade resin which is colorless and transparent solid particles with a specific gravity of 0.93.

3, characteristics: good plasticity, resistance to bending, strong tensile strength, lighter materials, bright color, easy to use.

(2) PET strapping
1. Noun explanation: PET packing belt, also known as PET plastic steel packing (plastic steel packing belt) is a polyester packing belt which is extruded by uniaxial stretching by using PET as the main raw material. PET packing belt is the most popular alternative steel in the world. New environmentally friendly packaging materials for belts, steel wires and heavy duty PP strapping. Since 2002, China's demand for PET strapping has grown at a rate of 500% per year. It has been widely used in wood, paper, steel, aluminum ingots, steel pipes, profiles, glass, building materials, ceramics, electrical appliances, metal products, Tobacco, chemical fiber, cotton belt and other industries. It has a transparent appearance and is opaque after adding a tackifier. The surface is flat or has a prismatic pattern.
2. Raw materials: The main raw material of PET packing tape is polyethylene terephthalate (PET), with a specific gravity of 1.34.
3, features
(1) It has strong tensile strength, and it has the tensile strength like steel belt and the ductility which can resist impact, and it can ensure the safety of transportation of products.
(2) The elongation is small, the elongation is only one-sixth of that of the polypropylene belt, and the tension can be maintained for a long time.
(3) The temperature resistance is strong, the melting point is 260 degrees, and the use is not deformed below 120 degrees.
(4) The safety is good, and there is no steel belt rusting to pollute the bundled object, and the color is bright.
(5) Good economic benefits, the length of 1 ton PET strapping is equivalent to 6 tons of steel strip, and the unit price per meter is 40% lower than that of steel strip, which can reduce the cost for users.