The Advantage of Packing Strap

There are many advantages to using Fiber packing strap :

1. Reduce the packaging cost; can replace the steel strip and reduce the loss of steel;

2. The steel strip will rust due to exposure to the air to absorb moisture, and the rust permeability is strong and it is easy to contaminate the packaged object. The fiber packing belt has good corrosion resistance and will not pollute the goods;

3, The Fiber packing strap is beautiful, does not rust, is conducive to environmental protection, is a friendly material;

4, No need to bond steel buckle, no indentation, scratching problems, can reduce packaging costs;

5, There is no sharp edge of the steel belt, will not scratch the package, and will not hurt the hand. Even if the binding is tight, it won't hurt when you cut it;

6. The wrapping strength of the fiber packing tape is good after packaging. After long-distance transportation of the package, there will be expansion and contraction, and the PET tape can maintain a good tension;

7. Good extension performance, good impact resistance, not easy to break, and ensure the safety of your products.

8. Strong pull force is suitable for pallet and heavy goods bales;

9, Fiber packing strap can be mass-produced, stable quality, complete specifications, with the use of tensioners, improve packaging efficiency.